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Yoga FOR BACKCARE Health & Well-being Coach

Taking care of our backs is crucial for everyday tasks such as walking, standing and sitting. Every day normal functions requires the support of the spine. In these sessions we focus on building strength and mobility.

Twist – These postures get into the digestive organs and cleanse out toxins from the body and allow increased mobility around the spine and the whole trunk of the body. Imagine wringing a towel and then shaking it out. This is the exact same process which happens in your gut area when performing the twisting postures.

Cleanse – Breath-work allows you to go deep down into the core, using diaphragmatic breathing. As we become stressed, we forget to breath properly and as a result, breath from our clavicle area, restricting our volume of oxygen we take in per unit. The breath gives us vital life force energy and aids with digestion and calmer mind.

Core These exercises will help to tone and strengthen your stomach muscles, allowing more flexibility around your back and spine. This will make your spine more supple and agile.

Benefits of this workshop

Tones abdominal muscles

Reduces stress and anxiety

Stimulates digestion

Increases digestive health

Reduces chances of injury

Yoga FOR BACKCARE Health & Well-being Coach

Builds strength and flexibility in the spine

Relief of lower back pain

Cleanses the body of impurities

Improves your posture

Preventative for people who are prone to back problems