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Virtual Corporate Yoga

Improve your mental & physical health in the comfort
of your own environment

Why virtual yoga?

Save time by jumping online and joining in a class without the need to travel.  Corporate employees spend many hours on a screen, which eventually can lead to stiffness in the body and especially the back and neck. Benefit from practicing virtual yoga by stepping away from your desk and easing out all the tension in the body and feeling more energised. Yoga postures are synchronised with a breathing technique which helps to calm the nervous system. Deep breathing increases lung capacity and increases the amount of oxygen in the body, which helps fuel heavy and time-pressured work schedules.

Virtual corporate yoga Health & Well-being Coach

Benefits of yoga

Become more supple and flexible

Improve mood

Lower blood pressure and blood sugar

Virtual corporate yoga Health & Well-being Coach

Better joint range of motion

Better posture awareness

Receive verbal adjustments to ensure all postures are being performed correctly

Build muscular strength

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