meditation is my medication

Virtual corporate Breath-work
& relaxation

Reduce anxiety, feel more balanced, energised and productive.


Breath-work – You will be guided through various, transformational breathing exercises to let go of any unwanted emotions and to elevate your energy. When we step into ‘conscious’ or ‘mindful breathing’, this elevates our mood and shifts our state. Whatever you were attached to beforehand, no longer holds any power over you and significantly becomes less important.

Benefits of breath-work

Balanced blood pressure

Reduction of PTSD and feelings of trauma

Better immune system

Helps with anxiety and depression

Virtual corporate Breath-work & relaxation Health & Well-being Coach

More time in deep sleep

Stronger respiratory function

Release stress hormones from your body

Balances nervous system

Feel more energised

Deep relaxation - Yoga nidra

What is yoga nidra?

A gentle and guided, hypnotic meditation, whilst lying down in a conscious state,
focusing on profound relaxation.
This powerful technique soothes the nervous system and naturally heals the body
physically, mentally and emotionally.
You will be taken through a body scan and navigated to pay attention to specific
body parts, as you place your awareness on these areas, telling your body by auto suggestion to completely relax.
This is immensely powerful and beneficial for anyone suffering from anxiety.

Benefits for Yoga nidra

Improve sleep and reduce insomnia

Release tension and pain

Promotes the removal of excess cortisol ( stress hormone)

Virtual corporate Breath-work & relaxation Health & Well-being Coach

Detach from your thoughts

Deeply relaxes your body and calms the mind

Helps anyone suffering from PTSD

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