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Virtual 1-1 Yoga

These sessions are beneficial in focusing on your
personal yoga goals by helping the individual
to learn about the postures and to build confidence.
Virtual 1-1 Yoga Health & Well-being Coach

Why 1-1 sessions?

This is a great opportunity to learn to nail the yoga postures safely with precision and strong technique, to understand the basic fundamentals of each posture.

Perhaps you would like a bespoke program tailored to your needs for a specific part of your body due to recovery from an injury or strengthening your body in general.

You can also have a series of postures devised for a quick morning or holiday practise which suits your needs or if you are always travelling with work.

Benefits of yoga

Overcome your fear of any challenging postures

Accountability for achieving your goals

Work in your target areas

Virtual 1-1 Yoga Health & Well-being Coach

Sessions to suit your time and schedule

Receive motivation to feel more inspired

Diagnosis of muscular/skeletal issues

1-1 Yoga prices

1-1 Virtual £100 – 60 minute session
1-1 Virtual £125 – 75 minute session

1-1 in person £125 – 60 minute session
1-1 in person £150 – 75 minute session

(subject to being local based on my location, as this service is not always available)

10% discount on all bookings of 5 sessions or more.

20% discount on all bookings of 10 sessions or more. 

All bookings to be paid upfront
72 hour cancellation policy