meditation is my medication

Virtual corporate
meditation & mindfulness

Calm your mind, reduce stress and focus clearly with better clarity.

Virtual corporate Meditation & Mindfulness Health & Well-being Coach


A few minutes of meditation & mindfulness outside of your day can make all the difference to your employees well-being and outlook at work. Witnessing life from a calmer, clearer perspective, helps you gain balance and clarity.

A gentle guided meditation helps you de-stress, unplug from the busyness of life and step away from those devices.

If you are suffering from overload of stress and finding it hard to live in the present moment, then meditation is the perfect 

antidote to release stress and to calm your nervous system. Regular practice of meditation can take you from the sympathetic nervous system, which is associated with fight, flight or stress, into the para-sympathetic nervous system, which correlates with relaxing the body after long periods of stress and also aids digestion.

Benefits of meditation

Improve the quality of your sleep as it makes the immune system stronger and lowers blood lactate levels which helps reduce anxiety

Enhances the parasympathetic nervous system

Increases self-awareness

Calms the mind and grounds you

Virtual corporate Meditation & Mindfulness Health & Well-being Coach

Meditation stimulates serotonin levels. Serotonin is known as the ‘happy’ hormone found naturally in the human brain. Serotonin is responsible for transmitting nerve impulses

Reduces anxiety negative emotions

Receive verbal adjustments to ensure all postures are being performed correctly

Cultivates peace of mind

Promotes better sleep

In general, someone who practices meditation for a long period of time have a much more calmer and relaxed outlook on life.

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