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Hips & hamstrings Health & Well-being Coach

Suffering from stiff hips?
The hip opening poses work to open the joints and muscles around the hips.
When the hips are tight, they increase the load and cause overuse of the spine. For many people, the hips tend to be tight, particularly if you spend long periods of time sitting, whether on long trips or at work behind a desk.
In addition to the benefits of improved range of motion and circulation and decreased back pain, these poses help to keep the pelvis and hips in proper alignment, which prevents strain and tightness in that area. The results of these poses are felt quickly.

Hamstrings tight?
The tighter your hamstrings are, the more this will have an effect on your lower back and vice versa. If you suffer from a tight lower back, this will also shorten your hamstrings as it has a pulling effect on the back of the body. Forward bends are about opening the hamstrings and adding flexibility to your lower back.

Benefits of this workshop

Builds strength and flexibility in the spine from forward bending

Reduces stress and anxiety

Relief of lower back pain and open hips

Unlocks tight hips, making you feel more energised

Hips & hamstrings Health & Well-being Coach

Stimulates digestion

Reduces chances of injury

Helps to practice patience

Preventative for people who are prone to back problems