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Arm balances &inversions Health & Well-being Coach

I will be teaching you the basic fundamentals through the warm up of the workshop and then give you all the opportunity to have fun whilst practising together.

This workshop is useful and beneficial to those who also want to build strength in their upper body and improve their balance.

We are going to make it fun and playful and you might surprise yourself as we tend to make our personal beliefs into obstacles when we are feeling challenged. In this workshop, those beliefs will be replaced with healthier thoughts, especially after you have mastered the skill and technique of each posture, so you can go away and practise building on it.

These postures are down to a regular practice. The main aim is focusing on building the foundation of strength so it enables us to support ourselves whilst in the posture.

Benefits of arm balances and inversions

Inversions can improve the space between your discs and help relieve pressure

Tones and strengthens your upper body

Builds confidence and courage

Arm balances &inversions Health & Well-being Coach

Helps to find your balance in body and mind

Greater joint support and mobility

Releases tension, reverses blood flow and increases circulation